daehyun’s flower pose  /( ´ ▽ ` \✿)

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Track title: I'm In Love
Artist: Secret
Album: 5th 미니앨범 : Secret Summer

Flower boys try so hard.

They try to be hard but they’re so cute.ヽ(* ・▽ ・)ノ

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When food is not daehyun's style.

Daehyun : I like sushi. I dislike seafood. 

When I was little I could not eat most seafood, but now I can eat them slowly. When I was little, they looked somehow gross, and they tasted weird, but now as an adult I’m slowly getting used to them.  

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xxjdhxx said: HELLO will u be a sweetheart and link me to all of the daehyun winking videos in that gif set *__________________*

of course! ^^

1 /watch?v=bVpw0yzk71I

2 /watch?v=W2Y6Yp3B8ec

3 /watch?v=ygiCQ60_fos

4 /watch?v=1EZ0pGRbl2A

5 /watch?v=oBnnv0V_U44

6 /watch?v=qY3oaaR3Z9U

7 /watch?v=7KzubuIFiDM

8 /watch?v=ihtgGggvxQ8

9 /watch?v=r8FtQfcaLFM

i’m too lazy to insert links sorry;; i hope this’s ok :D

ps. i really love your blog and edits;; adfghjkl;’ /hugs you/ thank you so much^^

ukwon and his pretty hair

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